Leopard Gecko Care Sheet

Scientific Name: Eublepharis macularius
Country of Origin: Afghanistan
Potential Adult Size: 20-30cm (8-12 inches)
Average Life Span: 15+ years
Dietary Requirements: Carnivorous
Distribution: Asian Highlands, Afghanistan, Northern India


Leopard Gecko Guide

Bearded Dragon Care Sheet

Scientific Name: Pogona vitticeps
Country of Origin: Australia
Potential Adult Size: 60cm (24 inches)
Average Life Span: 10 years
Dietary Requirements: Omnivorous
Other Names: Central bearded dragon, inland bearded dragon

Bearded Dragon Guide

Corn Snake Care Sheet

Scientific Name: Pantherophis guttatus
Country of Origin: America
Potential Adult Size: 120-180cm (48-72 inches)
Average Life Span: 20+ years
Dietary Requirements: Carnivorous
Habitat: Fields, forests, palemetto flatwoods and abandoned houses

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