Dubia Roaches are easy to digest and make a very meaty and nutritious meal.
The various life stages of the roach will offer a wide variety of prey size to offer your amphibians, with nymphs being suitable for smaller amphibians and adults being suitable for larger specimens.
We supply our Dubia in various sizes with small upto 1cm in length, medium 1-2cm, large over 2cm and adult.
Our roaches are shipped loose in cardboard boxes as a standard as we have found that not only does it help prevent that inevitable stockpile of livefood tubs, but also results in the lowest chance of fatalities, however there is the option on most to have tubbed if preferred.

Dubia Roaches are easy to keep, cheap to feed, long-lived and silent within the home, which makes them a good, affordable choice to have as a handy food item.

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